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Beautiful tales about my life.

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End-Of-Year Results.

October 24, 2009

Its been a long time I didn't post here that's because

I got no HAPPY stories to share.

Well,I got back my E.O.Y results.

And let me tell you the only subject I was satisfied with was History.

Hard really paid off huh..

I never pass any of the History test because I barely paid attention at class,to be honest,I slept.

Haha.So,in order to prove to Ms Chee that I can pass,i keep focusing on History.

And tadaa,I got 50 out 80. First in class.

So now I did not know which subject I should choose,Hist or geo?


I only fail my maths.

Hopefully my friends and I get promoted!!!



Happy 7 months my love.

October 06, 2009


Happy 7th months annivesary!!

Thanks honey for the sweet flower and delicious cookies.

I appreciate it.

So much for "yo-yo" relationship.


Life is like a sea.

October 04, 2009


Life is like sea.

There are many places you can go.

It's not certain which is the right path.

Sometimes,we go where the waves bring us.

The waves are either from th wind or from other people.

The wind is a natural event.There's wind because of the earth's rotation.

This wind exist  in everyone's life since we're in the same world.

Also,we're humans are blindfolded.

And because of that,some believe that their life  is filled with darkness.

But the world is beautiful.

People just don't see that with their blindfold.Thus,they will sink under the sea and believe that they will

keep drowning.But the sea is shallow. That's why we can still walk.

Though we may walk slowly,we are careful.


So Wanie,why don't you open your blindfold and

start to believe that there still light in your darkness?

Goodbye long hair,hello short hair.

September 12, 2009




I just cut my precious long hair today at lakeside.

My hair is short and I'm not used to it.

Cause I can't feel my hair swaying left and right.


Let's just be patient for two years to get my long hair back.

Are you happy now Nabeelah and Noora?



Fight for what you believe in.

September 10, 2009

Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.


*               *            *

This Sunday,I will be fighting for what I believe in.

I promise myself not to let my nervousness overcome me.

I listen to the voices of my heart to guide me.

Lots of people look down on us.

But last Saturday we finally break the history of JVS.

We win and get 200 bucks in our hand.

Now will you guys stop looking down on us?

And have so much faith in us just like Mr Bohari.

I wanna say BEST of WISHES to all my wonderful netballers for

this upcoming PESS.

Please try your very best and put in alot of effort for every game you playing.

Win atleast 2 games ok?

To the malays(not being racist),Persevere during the game and drink lots and lots of water the night before the game.

Again I wanna say :




Mr Bohari lectures.

September 08, 2009

Put a positive mindset.Aside all the negative set.

Don't ever let the feelings of nervousness overcome you.


*               *               *

Training was tough as per usual even though coach was absence.

We have to run one round around the canal.

We're fasting.


Than after training,Mr Bohari lecture me,Fatin,Lala,Renie,Pipe,Noora and Nabeelah.

But upon hearing all of his lectures,it actually make sense.

Its about teamwork.

He realise how tough we all are.

Cause even fasting month,the malays even train.

He watch how hard we trained under the very very scorching sun.

But why we kept losing? There must be something wrong.

Isit our mindset? Feelings? Or team spirit?


Farewell Ms Sam.

September 04, 2009


Every "Hello" end with a "Goodbye"


*              *            *

Last day of term 3 ends with a sad ending.

I fail my maths and History-both ungraded-.-

So,after school have to say goodbye to Ms Sam.

This time,saying goodbye to Ms Sam is different.

It ends with a pain.

She left me a pink note:

As a teacher I have taught you many things;but as a student,you habe taught me so much more!

Thank you for making my journey in Jvs such a memorable one. Never to realise that you are

SPECIAL in your own way! :)

Keep the smile on:)

-Ms Sam

Took some pictures with her and gave her a goodbye hug before I left.

Than Ms Sam broke down into tears,yknow how weak I am.

Tears are my weakness,so I cry too..

Go library with Renie,Lala&Gatria.

Than head home.

At bus 99,I text Ms Sam and I cry abit only.

But,when she reply me,I broke down into tears.

I was lucky as no one saw.

Wanie going to miss you Ms Sam:(


Btw,wish me good luck for today Netball match aytes?

Hopefully Shiqin and  I can stand without drinking water.







I miss that green girl.

August 31, 2009


Missing someone gets easier every day because even though

it's one day further from the last time you saw each other,

it's one day closer to the next time you will.


*             *            *


Yesterday,my long-lost-friend of mine call mie!!!

Here is our conversation:


Jane:Hello Wani!! You know who am I?

Me:A human being? Haha.No,I don't know you.

Jane:Its me,Jane.


Jane:*Laugh* You're not coming down?

Me:Nope.I skip school today. Where are you?

Jane:I at Jurong Point with my cousin. Like shit seyy,I came down all the way form Tao Payoh than

they say cannot came in. *sigh*

Me:Yeah..you have to make appointment. yEah I know like shit. Haha.

Jane:Yalor..haish...I miss you lerr..

Me:You don't know how much I miss you too. Nvm.Hey,someday,lets meet up again.

Jane:Okok..With the boys?

Me:Up to you honey..

Jane:Okok we meet up soon.

Bye,take care wanie.

Me:Bye Jane. You take care too and btw this your no.?

Jane:Yeah..beep me ok.Bye.

So,yesterday I am a happy girl:D

I lost contact with Jane for more than a year cause she have to fly to Tao Payoh.

And the rest of us at Jurong west.

Imagine the long distance?! *sigh*





First Post

August 31, 2009

"When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us."

I'm tired of crying over my problems.

I want to be a optimist person full of confidence in my life.

I want to be strong and independent.

I want to stop pretending that everything is ok when is not.

I don't  want my life to be masquerade.

I don't want to be little miss shy girl.

I want so many things in my life but whatever I want

in my life,is impossible to achieve.

So what should I do?